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New York~


Hello~ I’m in NY~!


I was just wandering around with CLIPEN and playing with it.

Just for fun, we clipped CLIPEN onto the sign next to the subway station exit and a bunch of guys from Harlem took the pictures with us and asked,

“What the h*** is that?”

I went,

“It a pen.”

Then they said,

“This is F***ing CRAZY! There is no way!”

I said “There IS a way!” 🙂

And they asked me for an autograph with CLIPEN telling me that they became a huge fan of CLIPEN.

They were too upbeat to deal with! LOL!


If you want the graffiti tour, Bushwick is where you have to visit, not Brooklyn!



I clipped CLIPEN onto every sticker that I found on the wall!



I played CLIPEN hunts at GLOSSIER, one of the hottest cosmetic stores in NYC.

I just gave CLIPEN to some staff there since they were so into CLIPEN. I only bought a lip balm, though.