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CLIPEN, bring art into your daily life.


CLIPEN just started a new project called ‘CLIPEN with Artist’. It contains several different stories and thoughts about their life and artwork which will be intactly seen on CLIPEN. So, CLIPEN users now experience the art other than enjoying its practical function and beautiful design.


Art gives people joy and pleasure and enables them to get out of their comfort zone. But, ironically, the birth of art is with a pen that is one of the most common things in life. All the creative, crazy artwork is drawn and designed in a pen by artists which makes the world more flourished and colorful.


It maybe is hard to find something in a ‘pen’ but ‘pen’ is the beginning of ART.

Everything we write and draw is art and it comes from your life.

Where the moment that your life changes into art,

there is CLIPEN.



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